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The parties agree as follows:

1. Liability. Lessor will not be liable for liability or damage claims for injury to persons or property from any cause relating to the occupancy of the Premises by Lessee and guests of lessee, including those arising out of damages or losses occurring on sidewalks and other areas adjacent to the Premises. Lessee will indemnify Lessor from all liability, loss, or damage claims or obligations resulting from any injuries or losses of this nature.

2. Damage to Premises. Lessee agrees to reimburse Lessor for any damages suffered by Lessor to the Premises as a result of Lessee’s occupation of the Premises, within (3) three business days of the event.

3. Loss or Destruction of Property. If the Premises become, as a practical matter, totally untenantable after a casualty loss such as fire, storm, explosion, earthquake, or other casualty loss, Lessor or Lessee may terminate this Agreement with written notice.

4. Approved Caterers. Lessee may use any caterer of their choice. The Lessor will provide a list of those caterers upon request who have had successful events here to the Lessee. Lessor will not be responsible or liable for any agreement between the Lessee and their chosen bar provider.

5. Approved Liquor Service. The Lessor will provide upon request a list of preferred liquor service providers to the Lessee. All providers must have off-site liquor licensing and proper insurance. Copies of both of these licenses should be provided to the Lessor 2 weeks prior to Lessee’s event. Lessor will not be responsible or liable for any agreement between the Lessee and their chosen bar provider. This documentation is needed only for the rooftop venue.

6. Parking. Downtown 211 and Lessor are not responsible for Lessee’s parking. A list of parking options (public garages, trolley services, valet services) will be provided.

7. Cleaning Fee. Lessee will pay a cleaning fee of $100 (included in rental), along with the full facility charge upon signing of their contract.

8. Cancellation Policy. Lessee may terminate this Agreement with written notice provided to the other party more than 6 months before the date of the Lessee’s occupation of the Premises. At that time 50% of the lease total will be returned. Should Lessee terminate with less than 3 months all payments will be forfeited to Lessor

9. Reservation Confirmation. Lessee’s event date will not be guaranteed until full amount has been received & acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

10. Conduct. Lessee will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests. Any lewd, abusive, destructive, dangerous, or illegal behavior will result in Lessee’s event termination with no amount of the facility rental charge refunded

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